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Shame and trauma don’t get to rule your world, you do.


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Live your life untethered.

Live out loud and limitless when you finally master your emotions, and learn not to take on the emotions that others dump on you, and learn to set and enforce (with kindness) the boundaries you so desperately need in place.

So you can live your life (not theirs).

I'm Jenn Bovee, founder of the Illinois Mental Wellness Center and women's guide to a life untethered, I help unlock power women who are trapped by the chains of shame and trauma. And this is where you learn to have everything you want because you KNOW you deserve it.

They don’t want you to know this, but I do.

Exactly as you are worth everything in this world. 

This is where you learn that.
And where you learn to accept who you are and what you’re given in this life, so you can make the most of every minute.

Radical Inclusivity is my goal.

And you have just gotten your ticket to the FREEDOM you’ve longed for your entire life.

I’m Jenn Bovee, Psychotherapist and Worthiness Coach.

My job is to support my offline and online clients to live lives that nurture and support who they are at their deepest cores with my conscious and subconscious training methods.

Because you are worth it and don’t need anyone’s permission to do it.


"Jenn bovee, this woman, I truly will never forget her. Life changing. Powerful!"

— Molly Sapp,

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