6 Steps to Developing a Relationship With Your Body.


If you’ve read any of my blogs previously, you may know that I live in a body that has chronic neurological Lyme disease. Part of the hallmark of Lyme disease is constant debilitating pain. According to my specialist I likely contracted this illness 30 plus years ago. The reality is, that I’m not sure how I could have survived in this body living with that high amount of chronic pain. Not and remain sane, there comes a point when too much pain begins to impact the human psyche. I already felt like I was behind the eight ball with so many things in life, I could not allow this pain to have this control as well. I made the decision (whether conscious or unconscious) to disconnect from my physical body. It was not comfortable to reside inside of it, and it was not safe. Through my own personal healing I have completely transformed that. In the past, I erroneously viewed my body as the enemy. It continued to betray me at every turn in this journey. I could list off countless examples (not limited to it just kept gaining weight) but we would be here all day.

I don’t exactly remember what the shift point was but I remember the impact it has had on me. I went from starving, abusing, and neglecting this vessel (which houses this AMAZING soul) to creating a relationship with it. It’s a beautiful and wonderful relationship today, which is built on trust and faith. I trust the wisdom of my body to lead me to our mutual goals of health, wellbeing and happiness. I have so much understanding and appreciation of my body today. And I am completely grateful for a supportive and resilient body which continues to allow my soul and spirit to remain here on earth.

I talk to my body on a regular basis about everything. That is not an exaggeration at all, I have learned to communicate with my body intimately. Before I make a decision on what food or drink I put into my body, I have a discussion about what my body prefers. Before I put clothes on in the morning I check in with my body and I find out what my body thinks is best. All of my activities, all of my actions, all of my behaviors are run by my amazingly intelligent and grounded body.

I’m sure to some of you this seems like such a foreign concept, but I would like you play along for a moment. How much different would your life be if you and your body were on the same page on some issues in your life? When I work with my clients in hypnosis, who have pain or discomfort, we use a body wisdom process. 99.9% of the time, the initial pain or discomfort is not actually what the problem was. And yet if we go to a doctor with these symptoms they will only treat the symptoms. Creating and enhancing a connection with your body allows you to get to the root cause. Below is a list of mechanisms I used to develop a relationship with my body and increase the communication: 1. Self-Hypnosis: This was one of the first techniques that I used to get into contact with my body. It was one of the most empowering approaches that I have ever experienced, because I was fully in control at all times, because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It gave me my first format and avenue for creating a dialogue with my body. 2. Silencing the Mind: My mind is literally always going. It’s always thinking, planning, observing, or creating. Typically all of those at once, which adds to the fun. Committing to the willingness to silence my mind in an honoring fashion (rather than a shutting down manner) which has served my highest good. In those quiet moments, I began to hear the voice of my physical body and a relationship was formed. 3. EFT: The emotional freedom technique (or tapping) is wickedly powerful! It creates an environment which is grounding, centering, and focused all at once. I have literally tapped about everything from a hang nail to heart issues. I have never been left hanging or wanting, and have always known what the answer is. 4. Applied Kinesiology: In the beginning, before I had such a solid relationship with my body I had to kinesthetically test every question, every thought, or every urge I had. This was a wonderfully validating platform for me to begin the relationship with my body. Even today, if I’m questioning a response that I hear from my body I have the ability to kinesthetically test the responses. 5. Gratitude: This technique is one of my favorite go to’s for just about everything in my life. The reality is that my experience says those things that we are grateful for automatically increase. In the beginning, when I would get a response from my body I expressed immediate and immense gratitude in that moment. What I noticed was those moments added up to minutes, to hours, to days, to weeks, to months and now eternity. Gratitude has the absolute power to magnify what we are experiencing. 6. Mindfulness: As humans we have a tendency to complicate so much about life. Mindfulness is no different. Here’s the bottom line about mindfulness for me: it’s about staying focused on the present moment, removing any judgement. For me, it’s more about noticing my feelings, thoughts, emotions, responses, reactions rather than judging them or myself. When I was first applying mindfulness to my life I started by just paying attention to the way the air felt while I was inhaling and exhaling. It was truly life changing.

I could literally go on all day about the benefits of developing communication with our bodies. Especially since we have become such an electronic world. There are no limits to what having a personal relationship can offer you. Having a personal relationship with my body, and trusting the wisdom that comes from it has completely changed my life. Jenn Bovee, LCSW is a spiritual life coach and psychotherapist. She offers in person and distance sessions to her clients. You can learn more about Jenn here: www.JennBoveeLCSW.com