Lessons from 30 Blogs in 30 Days


Forty days ago, my business coach gave another person a challenge to do 30 blogs in 30 days. I agreed to complete this challenge alongside her because I had hoped it would be of value to me. I was completely un-prepared for the valuable lessons I learned by completing this commitment. It’s a complete paradigm shift for me to have posted that many blogs, consistently. I have a walking editor in my head that is constantly thinking of things to blog. However, publishing them has been a completely unrelated task.Every single day I posted a blog for 30 consecutive days. It did not matter whether I was not home all day, whether I was completely sick, or if I was feeling as un-motivated as a rock. I committed to the process and I succeeded at the process. I would highly recommend everyone consider doing a 30 blogs in 30 days process. Here are the lessons I learned through blogging with such consistency: 1. Commitment is key: At any given moment I have the potential to have 5 different blog topics running through my brain. However, I don’t take the time to actually put it into writing and post it for others to view. I have wonderful intentions, but my follow through is less than ideal. By making the commitment I posted a different blog every single day. 2. Perfect doesn’t exist: I employ all of the techniques I have been taught about proof reading my blogs: I read them out loud, I give some space and time between writing them and proof reading them, and I read what is written not what I mean. Despite this, I am still very human and am going to miss some typo’s and misspell some words. Towards the end of the 30 days I began having my wonderful husband proof read every blog before I published it. 3. Transparency is valued: In my professional style I use self-disclosure because I think it adds value and relatability to my sessions. The articles that I posted which were very transparent (and real) were much more highly recognized than the ones where I was emotionally distant from them. 4. SEO: Prior to my posting my 30 blogs in 30 days, I was unaware that by doing so it would change my search engine optimization. I don’t even have the words to describe my reaction the day I went to google to search for me and my website appeared on the first page. It was completely exhilarating. 5. Mindset is key: I use mindset shifts a lot in my professional work as a psychotherapist and life coach. However, I was unprepared for the shift this commitment created. There were times when I was going out of town with my family during this 30 days. I found myself sitting up the night before we left writing a blog, to be published the next day. I never missed a day in those 30 days! 6. Don’t take anything personally: As part of this process, I began attempting to have my blogs published at various sites. Some people were less than kind and gentle with their denials (or even their responses). However, when I took the personal hurt feelings out of it; I learned from each and every one of these interactions! One of my blogs was even published during this time. 7. People are invested: The first few times I received a notification from my blog host that someone was following my blogs I was shocked and suspected a mix up. Now, I have enough followers that I understand people value what I have to offer the world. What could be more rewarding than that?! 8. Meditation: As odd as this has the potential to sound, writing for me is a form of meditation. Literally, I close the thoughts in my mind down during my writing. I take some deep breaths in and follow where I’m lead. Most of my blogs did not end up where they started. 9. Skip the lists: I’m a fairly organized person. I love organization! When I took the challenge, I made a list of 27 blog topics. I resisted assigning each topic to a different day, but it was a close thought. At the end of the 30 days I not only don’t know where the list is, I didn’t ever use it. I trusted my intuition and relaxed into it. Forcing things (especially creative activities doesn’t work) 10. I will rise to any challenge: I remember vividly not having a thing to write about, and having a slight fit about how could I come up with thirty different blogs in thirty days! I remember feeling completely and totally overwhelmed and way out of my league. In a moment of desperation, I looked at my husband and asked, “Why did I even agree to this?” He calmly, politely, and succinctly informed me, “You cannot back down to a challenge” and he was right. 11. Resistance is futile: This is a reoccurring theme in my life and in the lives of my clients. No matter what it is that I’m attempting to resist, the act of resisting it, makes it grow. There were times when I kept feeling like I had nothing to write, and I didn’t want to reinforce that. What I have learned (over and over again) is that the more I acknowledge, embrace, and honor a feeling/thought/emotion the quicker it departs from me. 12. Someone will always be unhappy: I don’t even remember the text, emails, instant messages I got full of complaints about my blogs. Some of them consisted of “it’s too long” or even “it’s too short, that’s not a blog” others talked about “all of your topics are so similar” and others talked about “it’s full of typos”. At the end of the day, I came to peace with the fact that I cannot make everyone happy all of the time. As long as I am content and okay with what I am posting I will reject anyone else’s complaints, criticisms, and objections. 13. I am a writer!!! This one is HUGE for me. I’ve always had a desire to write a book, but lacked the complete and utter confidence necessary. Prior to the past 30 blogs, I would not have ever described myself as a writer. In fact, at times I have told people I have no creativity inside of me at all. Today, I’m well aware of the fact that nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a result of the last 30 blogs, I have made an internal commitment to blog on a daily basis. I will not publish every blog, but I am a firm believer that by establishing the habit of writing I am allowing the miracle of transformation to occur.

Jenn Bovee, LCSW is a spiritual life coach and psychotherapist. Jenn offers in person and distance sessions to a variety of people. Learn more about Jenn here:www.JennBoveeLCSW.com