Living peacefully in the body you have


We reside in such a confusing world of complex paradigms. We talk about how self-love should be a priority. All the while sending very direct messages of body shame to anyone who doesn’t meet our idea of a perfect body! If you are connected with any form of spiritual communities, you will frequently receive covert messages about how your thoughts create your reality. Which on some levels I buy into. On other levels I’m here to tell you my thoughts did NOT create the chronic neurological Lyme disease in my body. If you are surrounded by certain health aware people they will tell you the negative consequences of eating sugar. I can’t argue with that! However, I want to provide you a guide for living in the body you have and loving it! Despite health issues, despite mental health complications, despite weight issues, despite financial complications, despite trauma issues, despite employment challenges. I want to provide you with a guide to live in the body you have and love it fully, right here right now:

1. Boundaries: Setting effective and well maintained boundaries will serve you so much better than the opposite alternative. Boundaries simply tell us where you begin and where I end. It’s a great way to protect your energy, your environment, your time, as well as what you will accept and what you will not accept.

2. Breathe: This sounds silly I am sure! However, I’ve done significant unofficial research with people who have anxiety. They typically hold their breath. If we are going to get comfortable living in the bodies we have, we have to breathe into those bodies. My encouragement is typically to spend two minutes several times throughout the day just breathing!

3. Hydrate: I cannot stress this suggestion enough! Drink water, drink more water, and just when you think you have drank too much water, drink a little more water. Most doctors currently recommend that you drink half your body weight in ounces. Water consumption is so important for a variety of health reasons.

4. Earthing: This one is somewhat of a struggle for me currently because I still live in the Midwest. Earthing can mean different things to different people. To me this is best defined as spending time in nature, connecting with the earth. Examples include: planting flowers (plants, herbs), standing in the grass, spending time in the sunlight or moonlight, etc. The main thing is to just spend time loving yourself and connecting with something outside of yourself.

5. Meditation: The most basic definition of meditation is the ability to clear your mind of all thought. I love watching people explore and utilize meditation in their lives! It doesn’t need to be a 45 minute experience. Start with just one or two minutes. Focus only on the sensation of feeling your breath enter and exit your body!

6. Self-hypnosis: I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about self-hypnosis because it’s such a useful and beneficial tool! Once I started using self-hypnosis in my own life and began changing my subconscious mind programming to no longer be consumed with other people’s opinions EVERYTHING began to change. One of the greatest honors I have in life is working with my clients to teach them self-hypnosis and watch them change their entire life!

7. Affirmations/Mantras: I’m a huge fan of having positive statements of intent. I typically have positive notes of reminder on post it notes on my bathroom mirror. I have post it notes hanging from my monitor at the office. I start most of my mornings by journaling my goals in the form of affirmations, and wording them as if they have already happened. I am a big fan of using cell phones to provide electronic reminders of affirmations we are trying to apply in our lives. The best part of affirmations and mantras is that YOU get to decide what you focus on!

8. EFT: The best part of EFT is that there’s been so much clinical research that says 15 minutes of EFT a day, substantially lowers their cortisol. (Cortisol is the stress hormone). You can use EFT on anything, at any place, while doing anything! I have literally used EFT while drying my hair! It’s also very covert so people don’t typically know what you are doing. I love teaching my clients EFT because then it’s all up to them! They are completely empowered!!!

9. Yoga: One of the things I love about yoga is anyone can do it! They have chair yoga, they have yoga for obese people, they have yoga for thin people. Literally if you put what you are looking for into google it will come up with suggestions. I love that Yoga empowers our physical bodies and assists us in removing toxins. How would your stress level be different if you just spent ten minutes every day doing some Yoga?

10. Gratitude: I’ve spent time recently engaging in deliberate gratitude. I can’t even begin to describe to you the difference engaging in deliberate gratitude creates in your daily existence. I express gratitude for everything from: migraines, to clients, to having down time, to sleep, and including money. I also spend time everyday expressing gratitude about the money that comes into my life. Gratitude is not only a vibrational changer it’s a complete game changer. It has the potential to change your focus, vision, as well as your daily experiences.

11. Limit Social Media Exposure: One of the best things I did to lower the noise and chatter that I am constantly being bombarded with was to eliminate my exposure to social media. I have un-followed anyone and everyone who spends time on social media talking about exercise, politics, weight loss, shakes, as well as any people who have well intentioned (but far from helpful) suggestions for my health issues. I have found that regularly doing some housekeeping of what I’m exposed to has been very beneficial for my mental and physical well-being. {For the record, I’m also a huge fan of not watching the news}

12. Disconnect from Electronics: My husband and I have a weekend trip planned around Valentines Day to a location where there is zero cell phone or Internet reception! I think this is very healing and healthy. It provides you an opportunity to connect to the people you live with and enhance your relationships. If you live alone, this gives you an amazing opportunity to provide delicate healing for yourself. Allowing and encouraging down time to heal, reset and reconnect are hugely beneficial.

13. Honor your bodies Desires: This is not going to be a popular concept but I’m going to set it nonetheless. It’s crucial to create a connection and a relationship with your body. If my body asks for fruit I will give it fruit. If my body asks for raw vegetables I will give it raw vegetables. If my body asks for chocolate cake I will give it a bite of chocolate cake. Not an entire cake, but I will honor its requests by giving it a bite. I think it’s crucial in developing a relation with your body in honoring its requests.

14. Reject the shame: Over a year ago, I wrote a blog on the power of rejection. It was surrounding the concept that everything in life is a suggestion (which we are bombarded with) and we each have the power to reject the suggestions people are giving us. Each and every day people with great intentions will likely bombard you with how you “should” do, live, or be. This is only exacerbated if you have any type of physical or mental health issue. Once people understand you have limitations, they desire to help you regardless of if you’ve consented to this or not. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO REJECT ANY SUGGESTION THAT DOES NOT SERVE YOU!

My soul longs to empower people to discard the shame that has been heaped upon them. I’d love to begin a conversation about this topic. Please feel free to email me at or message me here:

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