Burnout Bite #1: Where’s your burnout affecting you most?

The goal is not preventing burn out. It’s finding seats for you to burn at your brightest potential without injuring you or anyone else with the flame. (8).png

Length: 1 Minute 1 Second


Guys, did you know dr Freudenberger coined the term burnout back in the 1700’s? That means we’ve known about this concept for almost 300 years! It came about because he was describing how those who are burned out often resemble a building that’s been gutted by fire. So, what I want to ask you today is if you can identify what parts of your building have been scorched by burnout. Sure, you’re making it on the outside, but as driven people, it’s often our insides that suffer. So where -inside you - is your burnout affecting you most? When you’re done? I want you to spend 2mins visualizing those parts of you as restored and feeling supported.