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If you have ever read any of my blogs, you know I thrive on giving you tips, tools, and techniques.

And I have been getting questions recently about how to know how to choose a good life coach.

Tons of people are currently trying to sell themselves as life coaches, so how do you really know who to pick? What should you look for? What benefits should you get from it?

I want to address all of those questions and more in this week's blog!

I realize that I will likely upset, offend, and hurt some people but I am dedicated to providing you with accurate and helpful information.

Therefore I’m going to have to set the potential for upset aside for the remainder of this blog!

My ultimate hope is that this blog empowers you to make a well informed choice. I’m a firm believer that information is power. I want to empower you to make a good decision about who you invest in.

This blog is not a covert way to convince you to work with me. Although I highly support that decision.

This blog is designed to protect you from suffering the Shame of not getting the results promised by some coaches, when they aren’t equipped to take you to the place they advertise.

As much as I wish this was a perfect world where everyone could be exactly what they want in every minute, attending one Tony Robbins conference or reading Think and Grow Rich once, does not equip people to coach effectively; which begs the question, if that doesn’t make a good coach, what does?

I have used coaches throughout my life in multiple areas. I have used coaches to help me guide and develop my business.

I have used coaches to help me heal personal relationships and my relationship with money. I have used coaches to empower me to overcome trauma experiences.

Did they all deliver? Not by a long shot!

However, I learned a lot about myself in this process. I learned to ask the tough questions about myself before I ever click the link to connect with them. The following are questions for you to ask yourself to help you decide if the person is a good fit.

  1. What specifically are my goals?: It’s really important to KNOW what your goals are when you are working with a coach of any kind.

    It helps to make sure that you haven’t just gotten swept up into the hype and that you know what you are working towards.

    One of the things I ask many of my clients is, how will you know when we are done? How will things look? What will be different? I suspect that by taking some time and writing down your goals, it will empower you to choose a coach who is focused on facilitating you accomplishing those goals.

  2. What types of training / certifications / experience does this coach have?: This is a crucial one for me personally.

    I personally, can think of five “business coaches” off the top of my head who are not currently running successful businesses. To me, that’s a prerequisite. I’m also not going to invest in coaches who have read one mindset book or completed one energy course!

    I want to work with people who are committed, who have spent countless hours and money investing in bettering them as a coach. Don’t get me wrong, coaching is a very unlicensed field.

    Some of my favorite and most respected coaches don’t hold a “coaching certificate”. But I want to make sure that the people I invest my time, energy, and resources in have solid training and experience.

  3. Are they truly an authority?: I hold myself responsible and accountable for some of my prior poor choices in coaches that I attempted to work with.

    However, in hindsight, I think I got swept up into the chaos of taking them at their word.

    The problem is some people are labeled as an “expert” because they have labeled them that way. Before you invest in a coach, do some research. Listen to them on podcasts, google reviews of them, read their blogs. Truly get to know them and find out who they really are.

    For me, personally, I can tell you I am an authority on the follow things: addictions, shame, subconscious mind, change, trauma, anxiety, and depression. I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on money or energy because I have not spent countless hours training and exploring in those concepts.

  4. What is my personal investment?: One of my big pet peeves is when coaches act in a disparaging manner towards clients who either can’t afford the investment or need to consult their partners.

    For me, personally, if you can’t afford to work with me one on one, I typically recommend either my email coaching package or my group coaching option. I have zero expectations of you mortgaging your home to work with me. If you are wanting to work with a coach and the financial investment is too uncomfortable, seek out other options. One of the commitments I have made to myself is that I want to be affordable to every person, not just the wealthy!  Which is why I have multiple ways that you can work with me. If a coach attempts to get you to sell something, mortgage something, or just open a line of credit: RUN! That’s not helpful and there are other options.

  5. Are they living their talk?: If I am looking for someone to help me heal trauma, I need to make sure this person is not consistently canceling all of their appointments due to anxiety.

    If I am looking for a money coach, I need to make sure that this person is not two steps away from filing for bankruptcy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you spending time looking for “perfect” people. But, I do think it’s important for them to walk their talk.

    I am very imperfect, but I own that at the front of my interactions. There’s a difference in being human and a work in progress and just spewing information at people in a hope to be able to sell them something.

  6. Ask for references: For a long time in my career as a coach, I didn’t list references because my training as a psychotherapist said that was unethical.

    It’s one of the many amazing differences between therapy and coaches! In my coaching, I rarely ask for references because my clients are typically absolutely in LOVE with the life they have developed as a result of the work we have done together.

    Recently, one of my clients randomly sent me a testimonial that absolutely brought tears to my eyes! I was super grateful because I’ve watched as she has changed the way she responds to her life and shows up for herself!


I stated earlier that this blog is not a covert attempt to convince you to choose me. Truly, my goal is to stop the amount of people getting taken advantage of, to stop the coaches who make promises with no ability to follow through, and to lead you making a choice that is authentic and worthy of your time, energy, and financial investment.

Choose wisely, but whomever you choose, show up for yourself. You deserve it and you are worth it!

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Jenn Bovee is the Shame-Busting Coach who helps people to eliminate what is standing in the way of them living the life of their wildest fantasies.

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