5 Steps to Healing Low Self-Worth and Changing Your World

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In last week’s blog, you learned about the signs and symptoms of low self-worth and how and where they show up in your life.

If you haven’t read that blog yet, please go check it out here:

The goal with today’s blog is to help you HEAL the low self-worth issues that show up in many people’s lives. Because when you HEAL, nothing less than your ENTIRE life changes, from relationships to money. Things go from okay to phenomenal. And that's what I want for you.

These are the techniques that I suggest on a regular basis to the clients I work with. And they are the same techniques that have helped them build brand new lives from their souls outward:

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  1. Treat Yourself  Like Your Best Friend: In the beginning, this is such a substantial paradigm shift for so many of my clients.

    They have become very skilled at treating everyone else with such huge amounts of grace, dignity, and compassion. And yet they are their own worst enemies.

    Most people who struggle with low self-worth are hypercritical, mean, and demeaning towards themselves. Yet, they would never dream of treating anyone else like this!

    Step one to your own healing is to make sure you are treating yourself as well as you would anyone else.

  2. Accept Compliments Gracefully: When you have lived a lifetime being hypercritical of yourself and discounting everyone else’s compliments, the ingrained habits involved are indicative of instantly discounting other people’s compliments and praise.

    It takes concentrated effort and energy to begin saying “thank you” and not discounting anything that doesn’t support the negative diatribe you have in your head.

    Instead of arguing with people’s opinions or perceptions, or discounting their perception, practice just saying “thank you”. You don’t actually need to agree with their opinion, it’s about no longer discounting that opinion.

  3. Change The Story: Research indicates that for many of us, the biggest struggle is the story that we keep repeating to ourselves.

    When we keep repeating a monologue of disappointment, failure, inadequacy, and insecurity, it just continues to chop away at our self-worth.

    Any action we take to rebuild or solidify our self-worth is instantly canceled out due to the ongoing chatter in our head. I mean, who could compete against that?

    Imagine for a moment, how different your life would be if you spent even a fraction of your time telling yourself positive, wonderful, and uplifting stories about yourself.

    Studies show, as well as my own experience with myself and clients, that what you say to yourself reinforces who you believe yourself to be.

    This week, I want you to practice telling yourself the story that you are enough. When we operate from a place of being enough, everything in our life begins to shift.

  4. Avoid The Comparison Trap: We can never compare ourselves to anyone else, no matter how earnest our efforts.

    When we compare ourselves to someone else, we compare  our insides to our perception of their outsides. That’s like comparing grapefruits and puppies! It’s not even the same thing!

    Once we have engaged in the comparison trap we are quickly sucked into the rabbit hole of desperation and self loathing. Nothing good happens at that point.

    So when you find yourself comparing yourself to others, stop. Think 5 truths about yourself and keep walking.

  5. Celebrate All Of Your Successes: When we begin establishing the habit of celebrating all of our successes, all of our effort, all of our dedication, and every thing we attempt; we begin to acknowledge that there is more to us than our bad thoughts of ourselves. Many of us have spent a lifetime being abusive and neglectful towards ourselves.

    Celebrating every accomplishment allows us to recognize our value and worth. It changes our habits and perceptions from being victimized to actual celebrations.

    I am sure this sounds very far out there for many of you, and that’s okay. You work a full shift? Celebrate! You don’t call in sick? Celebrate! You stand up for yourself? Celebrate! You implement some boundaries? Celebrate! Begin celebrating things regardless of if it goes well or not, because it’s not about the actual outcome. It's about YOU!

I absolutely love being able to facilitate people shifting from a  place of low self-worth to positive self-regard. It’s a huge change for many people, but I want you to know and believe that you are worth this change.

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Jenn Bovee is a psychotherapist and Shame Busting Coach. She helps people all over the world to step into their own worthiness!

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