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Spending a few minutes on Google will show you all of the criticisms and complaints of not only coaches who are willing to engage in email coaching, but the clients who decide it’s their best option. I would like to use this opportunity to explain a different perspective.

As a consumer, I have utilized email coaching a few different times in my life. I’d love to spend this blog explaining why I personally choose to use email coaching as well as some of the possible benefits of email coaching.

When I first entered into the coaching world, I was still dealing with some leftover feelings, emotions, and struggles from my previous trauma experiences.

Many times, the way my anxiousness manifested itself was that I was just unable to get on the phone (or video) with a coach that I had paid lots of money to.

So when the time for our scheduled appointments would come, I would either create an emergency or I would just blow them off. It wasn’t one of my finest moments but I was literally doing the best I could.

For so long, email coaching was such a great fit for me.

Until my life shifted and I had the time and the ability, being on the phone/video with a coach was seriously the best option for me.

I also found that it helped me to increase the value I got out of the coaching session. I live a busy lifestyle, where I’m constantly doing things and running from appointment to appointment.

It can be pretty frustrating to not have the goals met that I brought with me to a coaching session.

With email coaching, I can make sure that all of my goals get covered. It also eliminates the (at times) awkward chit chat that I struggle with in some personalities.

I’m not by any stretch of the imagination pretending that every person on the face of the earth would either benefit or be appropriate for email coaching. But for some people in the world, email coaching is absolutely the perfect fit.

For those people who are a good fit for email coaching, I believe the benefits are as follows:

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  1. Email Coaching Is More Relaxed: Some people send an email first thing in the morning and right before they go to bed.

    Other people send a few emails throughout the day, as thoughts occur to them or as issues come up. Many clients really value that they get to go at their own pace in email coaching. They value not being put on the spot to create an answer, and instead having some time to process the questions.

  2. You Have Time To Process Your Responses: I’m sure many people have had the experience of being asked a question, and not having a good answer.

    And then hours (or sometimes even days) later, the perfect response occurs to you. However, many times there seems to be no point in going back and clarifying. And even if you do, the other person has moved on. One of the many benefits to email coaching, is that it gives you time to process and create your response.

  3. Eliminate The Scheduling Pressure: In today’s world, many people don’t have time to get on the phone or video to have an hour conversation.

    Many of my coaching clients are professionals, parents, caregivers, etc. They barely have time many days to shower, cook, eat, and clean up after themselves. That doesn’t even begin to describe the challenges of creating a connection with other humans, meditating, exercising, journaling. We live in a busy and fast paced world and email coaching is a great fit for people who want to dig deep.

  4. Keep The Conversation For Review: In traditional coaching, one of the big frustrations is trying to recall pieces or parts of a conversation after you return to your world.

    Many clients report that they absolutely value being able to review the conversations that took place. I think this is especially relevant when you are working through some big issues. Sometimes when people are writing, they get in the “flow” and they are not focused on every detail with their conscious mind. Some people just express themselves more clearly in writing than they do verbally.

  5. Typically It’s Less Costly: One of the big complaints of life coaching, is the amount of financial investment necessary in order to engage in it.

    While I have never anticipated or expected people to mortgage their own homes or go into massive debt to work with me, I understand that traditional life coaching is still not affordable for everyone. The cost of email coaching is typically significantly less, with much more accessibility to the coach involved. Traditionally, instead of a per session rate, you have a prearranged agreement with much more access via email.

  6. Low Pressure: Whereas in other forms of coaching, there seems to be significant amount of pressure to perform, to show up, to get results; email coaching is significantly lower key.

    Having the freedom to respond, in your own time, or not respond, as you see fit takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of you. Many of the coaching clients I work with talk about how much benefit they get from our email communication.

I am so excited to be able to offer a limited amount of spots to email coaching!

Jenn Bovee is a Shame Busting Coach that empowers people to ditch the things holding them back from living the life of their wildest dreams.

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