The Time to Shatter Your Shame Has Come

Recently, I was participating in a Facebook group where someone was asking how to get rid of Shame. The suggestions and replies absolutely frustrated me! The suggestions (while well-intentioned) were things like, “Just let it go”, “pray about it” “practice forgiveness”, and the list went on.  I finally had to turn off notifications because the responses were so out of alignment with what I believe and teach.

I’ve been around the helping world for decades now, and the coaching world for a few years as well. I have watched countless people who dream and desire of getting help and changing their lives lose all hope because of the cost of getting help! It hurt my heart to watch these people lose faith in the absolute fact that they CAN develop the skills they need to live happier, fuller lives!

In order to be able to serve more people, I have created the Shatter Your Shame Group Coaching Program. For a low cost of $47 a month, you get access to our amazingly supportive Facebook group.

As a member of this group, you get access to: 

  • Critical Thoughts 
  • Journal Prompts 
  • EFT Scripts 
  • Meditation Recordings 
  • Self-Hypnosis Recordings 
  • A weekly Shame Busting Group Coaching Session. The Group Coaching Session takes place via Facebook live and people are always able to post their comments, questions, and experiences before the live video so I can respond to it. 

You also have pretty great access to me via this group. Anytime a situation comes up and you are not sure how to handle it,  or you want to share your experiences in a safe environment, or you want to post a celebration, you are always able to post it in the group and I will be there to share that with you as well as other people who are also working towards Shame Resilience!

Check out my video here where I explain why developing Shame Resilience is so important:

There’s no lifetime commitment for this group. You can opt out at any time if you wish. If you want more information just check it out here:

I hope to see you inside the group! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Jenn BoveeComment