Why You Should Stop Caring

The National Institute of Health has declared burn-out to be an unspoken pandemic. 

It’s true. We really are in that space now.

Super connectivity to the world around us through our technology. The pressure to get more, be more, make more, give more haunts us.

But I propose that you do something different.

I propose you say STICK IT to all of it. To everything that puts pressure on you to think and feel that you’re not doing enough.

That’s right. I want you to STOP GIVING a crud about those things.

In fact, I want you to stop caring...about a LOT of things.

Because when you find it in yourself to stop caring...you release your soul from the shackles of so much pain and pressure.

That may be difficult for some...especially women...because many of us are socialized to believe we should be responsible for all things and all people. 

Most of us lived with moms who worked themselves to the bones to make everyone else happy and meet everyone else’s needs before their own. And that has ingrained that thinking in us, as well. 

But. When it comes to your peace of mind...your sense of serenity, there comes a time when you have to draw the line in the sand.

Sometimes that means we have to go as far as to stop caring about what others want or think. 

Because when you stop caring, you alleviate the pressure you put on yourself to fulfill their needs and desires. You, in turn, promote your own well-being.

Let me be clear…

Mamas...I am NOT saying that you should engage in poor parenting or ignoring your kids.

But. At some point, you are allowed to say, “ENOUGH.” Are they fed healthy food? Are the clean(ish)? Do they know you love them?

Then, you can draw the line.

At least long enough for you to pull yourself together. 

Why you should stop caring is such a complex issue, even though it looks superficial on the surface. It’s not just about telling everyone to back off or forget about everyone else. 

What I’m actually advocating for is something a bit different, honestly. 

I’m not advocating for you to discard or ditch any of the connections or responsibilities you have in life. 

I’m simply encouraging you to figure out how much weight you are giving those things in your life that definitely don’t deserve that much power or control over you.

Five ways that you could stop caring (without feeling guilt or shame) to help you feel less pressured and burned out include:

  1. Stop Caring About What OUTSIDE People Think Of You:
    At the end of the day, it’s a huge game-changer when you realize what other people think about you only has the weight that you give it.

    Allowing yourself to just be and not feed into the judgment or condemnation of other people (or social media) brings so much freedom!

  2. Stop Caring About How Other People Do Things:
    For many of us, who have a wee bit of neurosis in our souls, we can easily get caught up in the RIGHT way to do things.

    Ditch that! While you are at it, please also discard anything you feel you SHOULD or OUGHT to do. It’s not serving you well!

  3. Stop Caring About Past Mistakes: You are only human.
    Your past doesn’t define you and harboring misdoings against yourself doesn’t help you, it only harms you.

    It drags you down and keeps you stuck in the past. It’s much healthier to accept that every living being makes mistakes occasionally.

  4. Stop Caring About Failure:
    If you apply nothing else from this blog, please apply this one. I learned a long time ago that failures actually deserve to be celebrated because it has eliminated ways that don’t work or aren’t effective. Don’t beat yourself up over not having success as identified by everyone else.

  5. Being Good Enough:
    We live in a world with so much pressure. A horrifying example is that Weight Watchers recently launched an app for 8-year-olds. 8-YEAR-OLDS!!!

    Where are you tapping into the world and marketing’s ideas that you are not good enough?? SAY F THAT!

    Ditch all the bullshit, trauma, shame, and pressure about body image, income, sexuality, marital status, and the list literally goes on and on. YOU ARE ENOUGH RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

Pick one of these, pick all of these, whatever else you do please just stop blatantly giving your power and control away to things and people that don’t deserve it.

Especially to people who haven’t demanded it, requested it, and absolutely aren’t worthy of it. 

Go through the list and apply a couple of these ideas as you feel the pressure to do/have/be more bearing down on you, then review this blog and apply a couple more. And keep doing this until you are very skilled with these and completely understand why you not caring about things that add pressure to you just aren’t worth it anymore. 

And if you need help applying these, grab a free Deep Dive session and I’ll help you get started. 

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