Internal Vigor

Maintain your getting stuff done philosophy, while learning to adjust and cope with the stress of life by coming to understand your own thinking and choices.

Experience such a deep level of empowered that you take great care of yourself and find the validity in scheduling downtime so that you can...with confidence that the world isn’t going to fall apart and your to-do list doesn’t grow.

Fill each and every day with actionable steps leading you towards your long term goals of serenity, balance, and a inextinguishable vigor.

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When you are Untethered, you:

Give yourself a gift that creates balance and confidence in yourself and what you do

Deepen your relationship with yourself and others because you no longer operate from a sense of pain, longing, not feeling like you are enough

Are able to actually ACKNOWLEDGE your own value and what you do

Create a platform for true meaning that gives you a NEED to really EXPERIENCE your life again

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Wow. Where to begin? I never realized how much of the feelings I was holding onto were actually shame based. Now that I am able to recognize shame, I can begin to pull it out, look at it, analyze it and heal it. It has made me a stronger person emotionally and I am better able to handle how I react to people once I see the underlying shame behaviors we all seem to possess. Not only did this workshop help me recognize when others were shaming me, but it taught me to recognize when I was shaming others. This was HUGE for me in that I now treat my husband, friends and clients in a totally different way. For anyone who is considering become a coach or a healer, this will make you a BETTER leader in your business and a better person in your life.
Angie Whitsel