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Discover ways to unlock the door to bringing in feelings of wholeness, and acceptance into your life.  We will work together in (4) 50-minute sessions. 

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There's no better way to make an impact in your life than to become your own advocate. Learn how you can rise from the ashes in (8) 50-minute sessions.  

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For the soul who is ready to bring lasting change into every thread of their being.  Learn how to transform as we work together for (12) 50-minute sessions. 

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Wow. Where to begin? I never realized how much of the feelings I was holding onto were actually shame based. Now that I am able to recognize shame, I can begin to pull it out, look at it, analyze it and heal it. It has made me a stronger person emotionally and I am better able to handle how I react to people once I see the underlying shame behaviors we all seem to possess. Not only did this workshop help me recognize when others were shaming me, but it taught me to recognize when I was shaming others. This was HUGE for me in that I now treat my husband, friends and clients in a totally different way. For anyone who is considering become a coach or a healer, this will make you a BETTER leader in your business and a better person in your life.
Angie Whitsel