Aunt Sue is not going to get the best of you this year.
Nor is your mom.

You have your own plans to actually ENJOY this season and that means you do not want to be at the mercy of good manners, family and friend expectations or any of the other tethers that make the holidays stressful and unpleasant.

The Decompression Sanctuary

Enter the Decompression Sanctuary.

Yes. This is for you. These are the tools you have been waiting for to help you deal with unruly demands of the time of the year that is supposed to be so nurturing and connective. Learn how to manage your emotions and your boundaries in ways that do not alienate you from the world during this wonderful time of year.

Learn how to destress and decompress from all the demands of the season so you can truly enjoy this year.

The Decompression Sanctuary comes with:

❀ Two EFT scripts
❀ 10 EFT prompts
❀ A Hypnosis Recording for relaxation
❀ Journal Prompts and
❀ Coping skills.

And a bonus, just for you

If that wasn’t enough to make you scream, Sally-style, “Yes!”, I’m also putting a hypnosis recording designed for relaxation in there.

Decompression Sanctuary EFT
Decompression Sanctuary Hypnosis
Decompression Sanctuary Journal Prompts

Before the holidays get in full swing consider giving yourself the gift of having a safe place to decompress and reset.

This offer is good year round, so you can join at any time, but think how much different your holiday experience will be when you enter it relaxed and prepared with the Decompression Sanctuary.

Hint: You may even want to give this as a gift for some amazing woman in your life so you can have even more support!

Click below to join so you can enjoy decompressing from others, work, or any stress factors in your life.

Only $27!

Meet Your Coach

Life Coach Jenn Bovee

I’m Jenn Bovee, LCSW and I’m going to be your coach for the next 60 days. And this is my way of giving your power back to you after over two decades in private practice with patients who have navigated shame successfully.

You have to love you. Madly. Deeply. Unconditionally. 

I can help you do that with the Decompression Sanctuary.