It’s a life free from the shame, the pain, the judgment, the trauma, and the overwhelm that keeps you from reaching your goals.

It’s a life well-lived and deeply loved.

And I want to help make that possible for you.

I’m Jenn Bovee, LCSW, CRADC, CCHt, certified in EFT, Clinical Hypnosis, and Grief Recovery. And I specialize in helping professionals and business owners master their subconscious behaviors and programming, allowing them to live lives that are fulfilling and rewarding.

I’m also the Founder of the Illinois Mental Wellness Center, bonus mom to two wonderful kids, wife to a supportive husband, chronic illness and trauma survivor.

So I GET you.

And on this FREE Deep Dive Consultation, you and I will connect to uncover your goals, your values and my thoughts on creating the shift you need to make them happen.

We’ll also determine if you and I are a good fit in working together to help you overcome your struggles and achieve your dreams.

And even if we find we are not a good fit, you'll at least walk away armed with one specific tool to help you tackle your biggest challenge.

Don’t wait. It’s time to begin creating patterns of success that will help you live a life untethered.

All sessions are confidential.
Please note that this call was created to help anyone, but it is reserved for people who identify as women only at this time. 

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Jenn Bovee

Jenn Bovee, Founder of the Illinois Mental Wellness Center and women's guide to a life untethered, helps unlock power women who are trapped by the chains of shame and trauma.