27 - 31 Edging into the Danger Zone

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You’re likely experiencing intermittent burnout. The saving grace is that it’s not yet, full blown burnout. WOOHOO!! Things like learning to say no more often, setting better limits, and getting realistic with your expectations will be crucial to turn this around for you.

With each passing day you are getting closer and closer to being in full blown burnout. You have the awareness to know that nothing amazing or wonderful comes from being burned out, and yet you can’t stop this locomotive speeding down the tracks.

Re-examine your priorities, establish some more firm boundaries, stop over-committing, and take some time for you.  

The good news is that you are not yet in full blown burnout mode. My goal is to help you so that you don’t have to keep going down that path. I want to empower you and help you to not have to enter the Full Burn Out Mode. Below are some resources to assist and empower you:

Below are three subliminal recordings. All you will hear when you listen to it is white noise or static. That’s perfectly acceptable because behind that white noise I am speaking some very powerful and direct suggestions to your subconscious mind.  You can drive, shower, work, play, or even sleep while listening to these.

This subliminal recording is designed to help you call in more wealth:  https://soundcloud.com/jennbovee/subliminal-program-to-attract-wealth

This subliminal recording is designed to help you eliminate depression:


This subliminal recording is designed to help you eliminate anxiety:


I’d love to also empower you to fine tune some of your boundaries. When I’m working with clients on establishing boundaries my recommendations typically include:

I would encourage you to complete the following sentence prompts. I typically encourage people to give 12 or 15 examples for each of the sentences.

1. People may not ___________.

2. I have a right to ask for ____________.

3. To protect my time and energy, it's OK to _________________.


Creating Happiness Through Burnout