Coaching from your tub?? Absolutely! 

Know that one nagging problem of dealing with your in-laws or actually being able to show up for your business? 

Well, I have great news!! 

You and I can now schedule a 15-min Messenger chat or phone call to solve whatever your one problem is!

I’m so happy to introduce an innovation that allows us to connect and answer your deepest, most pressing issues via Messenger! Don’t worry, if you prefer phone calls I have that still available too.

When: At your convenience, just choose a time that works for you!
Where: Via Private Messaging on Facebook or phone

You'll receive an actionable solution for free! Book your 15-minute chat/call today. 

All sessions are confidential.
Please note that this call was created to help anyone, but it is reserved for people who identify as women only at this time. 

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Jenn Bovee

Jenn Bovee, Founder of the Illinois Mental Wellness Center and women's guide to a life untethered, helps unlock power women who are trapped by the chains of shame and trauma.