Hey there Shame Buster;

Congratulations on signing up for this amazing opportunity! I'm so excited for the changes that you have the potential to make. I also extremely honored that you have chosen this place in the online world to allow yourself to heal, grow, and become the person you desire to be, all while creating the life you dream of. You deserve this and you are worthy of this! I believe in you!

Here's the link to the group! (CLICK HERE)

 I aim to introduce everyone I accept to the group, but sometimes I miss things. In case I don't create an introduction thread I want to encourage you to spend a few moments and introduce yourself to the group. Check out the files, watch the videos, listen to the meditations.  This is YOUR group. Make yourself at home and spend a few minutes and figure out what you desire to get out of being in this group.

I'm very protective of this group and the members that are in this group. I won't allow bashing or bullying or any of the other negative garbage that happens when people gather in an online space. The only limits you have in this group are the ones you put on yourself. As I set this group up I longed to create a place where people could be open, honest, and transparent. I longed for a place where people could be real and vulnerable and invite healing in!

I also want to give you a link to the meditations I have already recorded. If there's anything else you would like in meditation form just hit reply and let me know.


I'm so excited for you!

Keep in mind that there's no mandate to participate or share in the group at all. I have other group members who are silent observers and that's completely acceptable. I want you to be the expert on you, and let me teach you how to develop Shame Resilience.

Are you ready to change your life?

Your Shame Busting Coach,