Resolve: Coaching Designed Especially for You

Most coaching packages are designed to drain your clock and your wallet. 

This one is not. 


This one is designed to bring you the fastest results you can get without taking a minute from your clock or more of the investment than you want to spend. 

Whether you would like to learn to live out loud and release all the chains that keep you tethered to the place you are or you want to learn to love yourself so much that no one can make you feel sad, this is the last coaching package you’ll need. 

You will get access to my two decades of experience, right in the convenience of your inbox. 

No lost hours on Zoom. 
No more weird scheduling issues. 
No more canceling because you just don’t feel like showing up. 

Shoot me an many emails as you like...and I’ll respond within 24 hours (except on the weekends, of course). 


Resolve issues like: 

  • Shame that keeps you small and tiny so you can’t grow your business the way you really feel you can

  • Guilt and resentment that prevents from putting all of you into the things you want most from your life

  • Self-hate that puts its foot in your face when you want to be visible and grow your business

In short, if you are not where you want to be yet and you are fighting with yourself to resolve issues like these because you don’t want invest your entire retirement savings to resolve them, get the confidential, expert help you want and need on your budget and on your own time. 

Introductory Pricing: $275/mo ($799 Value)

No contract, cancel anytime
Please familiarize yourself with my refund and boundary policy before purchasing.

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Jenn Bovee

Jenn Bovee, Founder of the Illinois Mental Wellness Center and women's guide to a life untethered, helps unlock power women who are trapped by the chains of shame and trauma.