Everyone around you is a butterfly, but you can't seem to find your way out of your cocoon.

You have big goals, and even bigger desires. You crave being seen, being known, and being loved in an authentic and complete way!

You long to know, believe, feel and LIVE with the knowledge and power that you are so much more than enough!

That path can be tough, especially when you don’t know what that change is supposed to look or feel like.

I  walk that path with you to transparent living, a complete and whole love of yourself, and empower you to live a life full of authenticity.

When you go through a metamorphosis like this, the one thing that has stopped you is shattered and released.

That thing is Shame. It’s what blocks you from recognizing your own elegance and radiance. It constantly fills you full of doubt, lies, and confusion. Shame is not being able to see the beauty of the forest  for the trees. Actually, Shame convinces you that you are not even a part of that beautiful forest.

But you are. You are so much more than just the trees. You are every living thing in that forest that brings forth beauty and grace. I will prove it to you.

Shame left me absolutely delusional about my life. I believed I was stupid, ugly, damaged, and defective. And no amount of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, or mindset work changed those perceptions.

Until I looked Shame in the face and said “It’s not me. It’s YOU.” At that moment, I became Shame Resilient.And every single thing changed.

I believe in you. I believe in your strength, courage, beauty, and worthiness. I believe that hiding behind the Shame screen is an amazing, resourceful, courageous, and authentic person. And before we are finished,you will see yourself as who you really are, without the lies that Shame has marked you with.

Here's what we are going to do in order to transform you in a gorgeous butterfly:

We will meet either via video or phone for 8 Sessions (50 minutes each) so we can uncover the root of your Shame and work to evict it from your being.

You will receive 2 personalized EFT scripts, tailored to your goals so you can keep yourself on track every single day

You will have access to all previous recorded meditations and subliminal recordings in my library, so if you see something else you might need, feel free to use it.

Once we have established what your perfect life looks like, you’ll receive 1 personalized subliminal recording and 2 oracle card readings to help you stay on your path to your own beautiful Metamorphosis.

Shame is a liar.
You are the oh-so-much-more that you “wish” you were.


Metamorphosis will:

Eradicate the thinking and lies that have kept you from seeing your own strength and beauty in who you already are.

Shift your vision to one that supports the completely authentic beauty you will see you as once we’ve broken Shame and kicked it out.

Send you on the vacations you’ve shied away from because you didn’t think you deserve such wonder in your life.

Put you in the dance classes you’ve been too closed off to attend because, hey, who are YOU to want to better yourself? (Yes, belly dancing, pole dancing, whatever - you deserve to feel good enough to do it all)

Give you the courage to live out loud the life that you have the RIGHT to live.

No more putting weight on what your mother thinks of who you are or what your neighbors will think if you arrive at your own home at 3am.

No more letting others past treatment of you affect who you see you as.

No more living a life that just doesn’t make you happy.

Your Metamorphosis awaits. Take my hand.

My call with Jenn was just what I needed. I had recently gone through a lot that had changed my perspective a bit about life, some good , some not so good as I suddenly felt like what I did didn’t deserve to be paid for, I have a service and I should just help everyone for free and get a “real job”. Jenn helped me see my value and realize that it is more than okay to be compensated for what I do. She helped reassure me that I don’t have to be perfect to GO fully in & helped me come up with a plan to get going again. Talking with her, I can feel that she believes in me too and that is so inspiring & mean so so much. You can tell in her voice that she believes and is passionate about what she does, she’s real. (& amazing )
Jill Pierce