The wounds and trauma your mom inadvertently (or intentionally) left you with don't have to be the wounds you leave on those you love.

No need to collapse under the weight of May and all the motherly-ness (or NOT) of it. There's just so much pressure and expectations that are free floating around.

Greeting card companies, flower stores, restaurants, and media are getting ready to puke everything about moms on you.

Clear your Mom BS. Now.

Your Mom did the best she could for you.

But it wasn’t what YOU needed.

Maybe she wasn’t there for you.
Maybe she didn’t support you.

Maybe she didn’t hear you when you cried out to her for help.

And it affects every area of your life. Now. To this day.

But it doesn’t have to anymore.

This toolkit has everything you need to move past the pain and the shame. And the effects it’s had on your life.

Surviving May is a toolkit that I’ve meticulously built just for you. So you can finally stop hurting.

For more than 20 years, I have worked with people to navigate the shame, pain, damage, trauma, and numbness that is brought up when they think about the relationships they have with family.

And I have developed this very thorough self-led healing journey to finally clear the damage and trauma around your relationship with your Mother.

Now you have access to the tools you need to move past the hurt and disconnect and move on with your life. 

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Move past things like:

  • Low self-esteem that keeps us from doing the things we really love to do

  • Poor school or work performance that keeps us from really doing our best because we were told we couldn’t

  • Poor family relationships because we project how our mothers taught us on others.

  • Less than perfect financial situations because we translate our mother’s treatment of us to our money. How many times have you covered your mom’s bills or excuses? How many times have you bailed your mom out of a financial mess?

  • Lack of success you know you could have because your mother told you that you weren’t good enough by not believing in your dreams.

Mother trauma rears its head in difficult places. You owe it to yourself to resolve it. Finally.

Only $44

($147 Value)

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Just want to give you a heads up that I’ve shared my progress on the workbook with my individual therapist and she is recommending that I do EMDR therapy to focus on the trauma that has come up with this project. We agree that it is good that I am finally addressing this, so THANK YOU, but my therapist also recognizes that trauma work isn’t her specialty and has referred me to one of her colleagues.

My goal is to complete 3 questions of the workbook per month, minimum, and start EMDR to address my trauma. I will also be seeing my individual therapist a minimum of 1x/month, in conjunction with EMDR, while I work through the workbook.

THANK YOU for writing this book and helping me shed light on the shame that I have been carrying. I knew it was there but had no idea of the depth of trauma that was inside. I would have never described myself as a “traumatized” person but this workbook has really helped me, and my therapist, identify my mental health needs that I was “skating” over.

Give YOURSELF this gift, you’ll receive:

Mom Shame Surviving May.png
  • A 26 page interactive self-study journal to be completed at your own pace to help you face where you are and what you’ve come through

  • A coping skills pdf packed full of 30 accessible coping skills so that, regardless of your situation, you don’t have to feel like a victim

  • An EFT video decreasing the pain of your relationship with your mom

  • A relaxing hypnosis recording to help you gain some distance (emotionally) between the pain and you

This program is not going to change your mother. However, it has the power to change your relationship with her. As well as heal the pain around your relationship with her.

This program is for you if you have ever experienced any of the following:

  • The sense of disappointment in your relationship with her

  • Abuse, criticism, neglect, or other painful experiences at the hands of your mother

  • Your partner couldn't or wouldn't show up for you

  • Your mom is manipulative, mean, or belittling

  • Your mom died or otherwise left

  • You could never please your mom

  • Your mother choose drugs, alcohol, men, money, or sex over you

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This list could go on and on. But the bottom line is: If you have struggled in your relationship with your mother? Things are going to change. 

Finally, have a peace of mind for yourself and with your relationship that you never had before. 

As a psychotherapist, I know the power of healing these wounds and I can tell you, without any doubt, that this course will change everything for you.

Only $44

($147 Value)

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Jenn is a powerful Shame Busting Coach. Jenn holds a variety of certifications and licenses and loves being able to work with people all across the globe! Jenn thrives on being able to help people ditch the shackles of Shame from their past, and being able to step into living out loud!