Phoenix Rising 

Burn it all to the ground.

Meditation, mindfulness, medication, talk therapy, time in nature, and just about every other intervention that people have suggested, have done zilch.  So here you are: still searching, still seeking a solution, a way through the fire.  

It’s shame that keeps you void and empty and unable to see a viable solution. The tricky thing about Shame is that it  whispers to you, is that you are terminally unique. Incapable of healing, incapable of growing, and incapable of soaring like the phoenix you are. Shame shows up in people's lives as: perfectionism, depression, anxiety, trauma, feeling stuck, paralyzed  by addictions, inability to communicate, and difficulty digging deep to access true transparency. See? It’s not you. It’s Shame keeping you mired in who you think you’re supposed to be.

For the past 20 years, I have been working with people who to help them overcome addiction, trauma, anxiousness, stress, and  depression in my in-person practice.In my own life, I have come from the depths of anxiety and depression to overcome the despair of depression. I did not do that alone. And, just like with my clients, it wasn't pretty. At times, I had to burn everything I thought I knew to the ground. Now it’s your turn. Burn it all to the ground.

And I am so honored and excited to be a part of your journey from those ashes to the flight of you, phoenix.

Dig deep with me and do the hard work.

By releasing Shame, you will:

  • Release the fear that confines you
  • Allow yourself to develop compassion towards the most important person...YOU!
  • Step into your authenticity
  • Be comfortable and connected with the relationships in your life
  • Ditch the doubt and insecurity
  • Know and understand your worth

You will arise from the ashes a new and more powerful you. A you that is fueled by the knowledge of who you REALLY are, the power to ask for what you really want, and the deep desire to have and live a life that is of your own design.

Shame is a crippler. And coming out from under its spell is hard when you try to do it alone. In fact, most people CANNOT come out of it alone.

Don’t leave your best life in the ashes. Leave the life that traps you in those ashes.

When you sign up, you’ll receive:

  • 12 Sessions (50 minutes each) to help you uncover the roots of Shame, discover what you truly want and NEED from a life you adore, and the path to make that happen with as little turbulence and as much support as possible.
  • 3 oracle card readings to give you a peek into what’s going on that you can’t see for yourself.
  • 2 hypnosis recordings (Specific to your goals) so you can work on your mental game in between sessions
  • Access to all previously recorded meditations in my personal library so whatever you need support on, you’ll have.
  • 3 EFT scripts (personalized to your goals) to help you re-program your thinking to make your decision to burn it all to the ground easier, more efficient, and powerful.   
  • Unlimited email access through the entire time we work together because sometimes you just need support in between sessions.
  • 1 Personalized subliminal recording
  • As well as 1 list of affirmations specifically designed for your goals

When you burn it all to the ground, you are not saying no to what is, you are saying YES to what you already know SHOULD be.

NOTE: This is not just “coaching” as currently defined online. This is SHAME BUSTING. I am a psychotherapist with over two decades of in-person experience in solving clients Shame issues. And you will get the same level of commitment from me that you would get if you walked into my office.

Shame is your enemy. I am your ally against it.

Together, you and I will rise above Shame and all its proponents:

Perfectionism that keeps you stuck

Anxiety that stops you from moving forward in your life and in your business

Depression because you don’t feel your own worth

Trauma that continually sends you reeling through the events in your mind

Inability to communicate your needs to those around you who really do love and support you

Addiction that you use to numb yourself to the Shame that haunts you

And so much more.

I am here for you. The Phoenix is ready to be born.

The question is:

Jenn Bovee has been instrumental to helping me recognize how the perceived “toxic flaws” I developed from learned cultural behaviors and shame were the key elements to many of the abundance blocks I was experiencing in my life. Through her I have been able to recognize the feeling of shame, and am more aware when it appears in social settings. This has been fundamental to my growth in my personal relationships and in my business. I have worked with Jenn both professionally and as a client; she is the ONLY source I turn to when it comes to healing and removing obstacles as a result of the subconscious mind set. I am honored to recommend her; her caring demeanor and honest approach are just extra special qualities to the knowledge she possesses and the ability to intuitively work with her clients that gets results
Alea Dawn