32 - 40: Woah! You are in FULL BURNOUT MODE!


This may or may not come as a surprise to you! You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and your are constantly doing for everyone else. Self-care is as much of an anomaly as the mythical unicorn in your life!

You need to lower the rate of burnout you are experiencing currently (and it needs to be done soon!)!  Some recommendations are EFT, Hypnosis, scheduling downtime, personal massages, setting better boundaries, saying no more often. It’s critical that you get some assistance because left unattended this will continue to escalate and cause you health and relational problems.

Find a coach to help you get these things into check and help you change your priorities. Because I have been where you are, I know you don’t have the additional energy to engage in video/telephone coaching. However, Life Coaching Via Email is a perfect fit for you! You can learn more about the details here: https://www.jennbovee.com/life-coaching-by-email

27 - 31 Edging into the Danger Zone


You’re likely experiencing intermittent burnout. The saving grace is that it’s not yet, full blown burnout. WOOHOO!! Things like learning to say no more often, setting better limits, and getting realistic with your expectations will be crucial to turn this around for you.

With each passing day you are getting closer and closer to being in full blown burnout. You have the awareness to know that nothing amazing or wonderful comes from being burned out, and yet you can’t stop this locomotive speeding down the tracks.

Re-examine your priorities, establish some more firm boundaries, stop over-committing, and take some time for you.  You would be best served by checking out either coaching via video or telephone. You can learn more about the options here: https://www.jennbovee.com/coaching

19 -26 Slightly burned out (Congrats, by the way!!)


You occasionally and randomly find yourself experiencing some symptoms of burnout. However, more often than not you are setting effective boundaries, taking good care of yourself, and being super realistic with what you can get done in a day. Keep up the good work!

While I don’t recommend aiming for perfection, the farther away from burnout you can get, the better the results you will experience.

Because you still scored (albeit low) on the burnout continuum I’d love to encourage you to fine tune some of your coping skills. You clearly have some pretty effective skills in place, but here’s an opportunity to fine tune some of those skills: https://www.jennbovee.com/decompression-sanctuary

10 -18 Free & Clear WOOHOO!!


I’m ecstatic to report that you are in no danger of experiencing burnout! This is a wonderful place to be and pat yourself on the back for not currently experiencing burnout! Way to go!

I’m so proud of how well you are doing! Currently, you have zero concerns of burning out in whatever it is you are doing in life! However, I want to offer you some gentle support in case there are other issues like family or career that weigh you down that you would like help with.