32 - 40: Woah! You are in FULL BURNOUT MODE!

You need to lower the rate of burnout you are experiencing currently (and it needs to be done soon!)!  Some recommendations are EFT, Hypnosis, scheduling downtime, personal massages, setting better boundaries, saying no more often. It’s critical that you get some assistance because left unattended this will continue to escalate and cause you health and relational problems.

27 - 31 Edging into the Danger Zone

You’re likely experiencing intermittent burnout. The saving grace is that it’s not yet, full blown burnout. WOOHOO!! Things like learning to say no more often, setting better limits, and getting realistic with your expectations will be crucial to turn this around for you.

19 -26 Slightly burned out (Congrats, by the way!!)

You occasionally and randomly find yourself experiencing some symptoms of burnout. However, more often than not you are setting effective boundaries, taking good care of yourself, and being super realistic with what you can get done in a day. Keep up the good work!

While I don’t recommend aiming for perfection, the farther away from burnout you can get, the better the results you will experience.

10 -18 Free & Clear WOOHOO!!

I’m ecstatic to report that you are in no danger of experiencing burnout! This is a wonderful place to be and pat yourself on the back for not currently experiencing burnout! Way to go!