Welcome to my virtual office.

As an in-person psychotherapist, it's easy for my clients to reach out to me to gain insight and strength. My virtual office is all over the place. Literally. These guest appearances and blog posts are scattered across the web so I can reach and help as many people as I can, online. 

And they are written to bring you the same advice I often give in-person psych clients. Enjoy!


Boundaries for Empaths

During this interview I talk specifically about why boundaries are crucial for empaths. We talk about how to identify and implement effective boundaries.

Shame Busting

In this interview I define my definition of shame, how shame is developed, how to develop shame resiliency, as well as how to develop shame resiliency in our children.

20 Years as a Psychotherapist

This interview is a summary of my experiences as a psychotherapist. It’s a general over view of who I am and what I offer.

Lyme Experience

This interview was about Lyme disease. This disease is typically misdiagnosed and often overlooked.

Blog Posts:

Achieving and Maintaining Balance in Everyday Life.

This blog identifies the challenges of maintaining balance. This blog will gives you tips and tools designed to enhance your ability to achieve balance.

9 Lessons From My Suicide Attempt

Suicide is so often misjudged and treated harshly. This blog is designed to provide hope for those who have lost someone to suicide as well as those struggling with suicidality.

Loving Someone with a Chronic Illness

When you are in a relationship with someone who suffers from a Chronic Illness it changes everything. This blog will empower you to thrive in a relationship despite someone’s illness.

To The Officer Who Pulled Me Over

We live in a world in which every negative event that police officers do is publicized. This blog is designed to assure everyone that there are still good, caring, and responsible police officers in the world.

Evicting My Abuser

The person who creates the most damage in my life today is me. This blog is designed to empower you to evict that negative, judgmental, and abusive person inside your head.

The Pain of Fertility

If you are not part of the fortunately fertile crew, it can be difficult watching everyone else have babies. This blog will give you guidance on how to heal from fertility pain.

Finding Safety in Your Physical Body

Finding and living safely in your physical body is so crucial. It’s specifically challenging for those of us who have experienced some sort of trauma.

Combatting Law of Attraction Shame

I love using the Law of Attraction in my life. But we have become a society that is freely and willingly beating people up over the head with the Law of Attraction. This blog is designed to empower you to navigate the shame people will propel at you.

11 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years of Sobriety

There’s so much debate in the recovery world: AA or No AA. I wanted to share with you what I have learned from being sober for over 20 years.

The Process of Trust

Trust is not necessarily an easy concept for me to grasp or apply in my personal relationships. In this blog I provide a guideline for how to develop and enhance trust.

Boundaries for Empaths

In this blog I talk about what boundaries are, how to develop and create boundaries, as well as how to implement them successfully.

How Dealing with an Unhealthy Body Impacts Daily Life

In this blog I describe what it’s like to live in an unhealthy body. This is crucial blog for anyone who loves someone who’s less than perfect to read.

Self Study Workshops:

Grief & Loss

I hold a certification in grief recovery. One of my passions is empowering people to heal through the grief and losses that they have experienced. This workshop is amazingly powerful and has gotten spectacular reviews.

Inner Child

This workshop is packed full of information all about the inner child. This workshop will teach you how to recognize if your inner child needs work as well as how to heal it.

Chakra and Aura Course

This course will teach you everything about chakras: when they are formed, characteristics of balanced chakras, what your chakras will look like if they are not balanced, as well as how to heal them.