Rise Up

YOU deserve to take care of you, just as much as others deserve to have you take care of them.

That means you CANNOT come last. You are not "bad" or self-indulgent" if you put yourself first. I don't care what you've been taught.

What I can teach you is, if you put YOU first, you will naturally be able to bring them with you.

You'll become a better mother, business woman, sister, daughter.

Everything you do hinges on how you treat yourself.

And so often we let shame tell us that we don't deserve to treat ourselves well.

You know me. I'm out to get Shame. And this is a PERFECT plan of attack.


So...if you've been feeling:
Run down
Worn out
Taken advantage of

If you've been:

Eating poorly because of time constraints (or other reasons!)
Not sleeping well
Forgetting to drink your water
Not moving your body

So you can cook, clean, run your business, send perfectly packed lunches to school (even though you only eat their leftovers!), get laundry done, and take care of the massive list you have running every day?

Then I want you to give me 30 days.

That's all i need. 15 days of reading the emails, jumping in the group for 10-15 mins, and doing whatever assignment pops up, I guarantee, you'll never look at yourself, self-care, and others the same again.


The self-care initiative doors are closed for this round but we'd love for you to join us next time! just pop your info in below to sign up for the waitlist. 

I did Jenn’s Self-Care Initiative last round and it was such a breath of fresh air, literally! In the prompts there are meditation keys that help you build and connect to your breathing. They worked wonders for me. I feel lighter and more present with myself. It feels sooooo good. 
— Dani Magestro, Web Developer/Biz Mentor at DaniMagestro.com

You can expect, when the Self-Care Initiative is over, you'll:

  • Have a better grasp of what it means to put you first (without putting others last)
  • Be able to look shame in the face and say, "Eff off, S"
  • Be able to establish boundaries that you've never been able to establish
  • Know what self-care looks and feels like for YOU
  • Understand and act on: Put on your mask first

Are you ready to give Shame the finger with me? Are you ready to stop listening to the chatter that says you don't matter?