13 yellow fragrant and stunning jasmines – just because. 
A candlelit dinner of yummy duck confit. 
And a rose petal bath, complete with a glass of wine and your favorite book.

But none of these were gifted to you by your significant other. 

Because you gifted them TO YOURSELF. Happily. And without second thought.

Welcome to life after falling in love with YOU.

It’s been a long time since you felt like you deserved to be pampered or cherished or adored. Because you’ve been looking at everyone else for your validation. 

And now? 

We’re going to take a journey. 

Through YOU

With the Self Love Adventure Journal, you are going to find all the wonderful things there are to love about you and make the solid parts of the foundation of WHO YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE

And THAT’S what matters more than anyone else’s thoughts...real or perceived.

The Self Love Adventure Journal is a 30 page workbook that leads and guides out of the spaces of your mind so you can see who you really are, not who everyone else has led you to believe you are. 

When you allow those thoughts to come to the front of your mind and the top of your heart, you allow your beliefs to be transformed into your REAL truth.

What you will learn from the Self Love Adventure Journal how to: 

  • See yourself for who you really are
  • Nurture yourself the way you need to be taken care of 
  • Handle situations that will arise as a result of you learning to fall deeply in love with yourself
  • Forgive yourself so that you can move on to deep, nourishing love that shifts everything in your life
  • Develop empathy for yourself and others so that you can tend to your needs, as well as those around you

When you dive into the Self Love Adventure Journal, be ready for the results: 

placeit (3).png
  • Higher self-esteem (not arrogance) that commands the same from those you live and work with
  • A more fulfilling approach to life and business that only results in higher profits
  • A toolbox full of tools to help you when the stuff hits the fan (just because you love yourself doesn’t mean there won’t be struggles...but at least you’ll know how to handle them)
  • A penetrating happiness that infects others, creating change in your world that you couldn’t fathom before
  • Respect for yourself that others reciprocate, allowing you to feel the pride you should have never questioned in the first place ;) 

You DESERVE the love you dream about. And the Self Love Adventure Journal develops that deep, unwavering love that you’ve longed for...in yourself.

Grab your Self Love Journal now and change the way you see yourself, change your world, and change the world around you.

Because no one deserves to fall in love with themselves as much as you do.

About the Author


As a psychotherapist & coach, and I want to see everyone in this world love themselves. Period. Because if we can teach people to do that, we can change our entire society. And with 20 years of walking patients down that road from self-hate to self-love and seeing what happens in their lives because of it? I decided it was time to take this global.

I’m Jenn Bovee. Welcome to your Self Love Adventure Journal.