Fall so deeply in love with you that nothing can ever stop you

Being busy with everyone else’s issues, work, cooking, cleaning, taking care of your business, helping the kids study, getting the groceries, having to fit in some kind of nutrition…

And that’s not anywhere near the end of your list. 

But you know what is at the end of your list? 


And because you’re at the end, you can’t clear out most of what’s above. 

That, lovely girl, is a symptom of shame. 

Whether you know or feel it, it is. 

And that wormy emotion sends you, not only to the bottom of your to-do list, but it sends you to places you don’t like to go mentally or emotionally...at some point. 

You have so much to do. I know. But now, you’re going to be able to do it AND take care of you when you master that thing called self-love. 

This is not the cliche it sounds like. This is brute survival

Of the most dangerous kind. 

Take back the love you deserve. 

Take back the love that only you can give you. 

And I’ve written “The Foundation of Self-Love” to help you do that. 

This 17-page workbook comes with two 30-minute sessions with me, designed to walk you through recognizing the things you do that undermine your need to love yourself and how to start doing the things that reinforce what that means to you. 

Fall deeply and madly in love with you and the rest of the world falls right into place. 

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What we can accomplish in your two 30-minute sessions: 

  • Identify and establish what the patterns are that tell you you’re not worth it
  • Discuss possible sources and how to address them head on
  • Establish habits and routines that optimize your experience with the Foundation of Self-Love, so that when you are finished NOTHING can stop you or slow you down
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I’m Jenn Bovee, LCSW and coach to power coaches. And this is my way of giving your power back to you after over two decades in private practice with patients who have navigated shame successfully.

You have to love you. Madly. Deeply. Unconditionally. 

I can help you do that with the Foundation of Self-Love.

BONUS: You'll also receive my 3 part EFT video series to help you along in your journey to self-love PLUS a copy of my Self Love Adventure Journal!