You DO deserve the house. 
You DO deserve the car. 
You ARE GORGEOUS just as you are, right now...not -20lbs from now. 

The only problem is? People around you never made you FEEL like it. 

Maybe it was your parents telling you to watch what you eat. Maybe it was your bff in high school who always made you feel like she was better than you. Maybe it’s your boss who keeps reminding you of your mistakes, without ever praising that you come to work early every day. 

Whatever it is, we can fix it. 

In the Shatter Your Shame Group, you’re going to learn to let go of other people’s judgments, harsh words, and mean-spirited actions to see yourself for the magnificent specimen of a human that you are. 


You were born with world-altering superpowers. We all were. 

But somewhere along the line, we listened to people who told us we couldn’t do it. That we weren’t good enough. That our ideas were stupid. That we were useless. That our fashion sense made no sense. That our cooking sucked. Or that the things we wanted were frivolous and unimportant (just like us). 

And the beauty of all of that crap? Is that they are all lies. 


All we have to do is undo all the damage that was done by the people who may or may not have “cared” about us. 

Welcome to the Shatter Your Shame Group. 

Here? You are fabulous (really, you’re already that everywhere, but you’re going to KNOW it here). 

And here? Not a single want, desire, or need will you be shamed for having. 

And here? You will overcome shame.

You will grow beyond the walls that these people have put around you. 

You will become the you that you were before everyone crapped on you and the things you wanted.

People are not born feeling less than. Our environments make us that way. 

And I am on a mission to change the feeling that you don’t deserve for you and everyone else.

My name is Jenn Bovee, Shame Busting Coach, and I have been in the psychotherapy industry for more than 20 years. My multiple real life successful practices have positioned me squarely at the root of helping patients get rid of their shame.

And what we’ll do inside the Shatter Your Shame Group is unlock all the power in you to release the hurtful words you’ve had to deal with and internalize all these years. 

In the group, we’ll have daily inspiration and discussions about crawling out from under Shame. 

You’ll get access to the tools that are the tools that my current, in-real-life patients use to conquer their own shame. 

We’ll have weekly connection meetings where you can ask your most burning questions about overcoming shame, learning to live as a shame-resilient human in this world, and more. 

We’ll also have affirmations, meditations, hypnosis recordings, journaling prompts, and the list goes on!

What this group is: 

  • A safe haven for you to express all the faces of you so you can learn to accept the things that others have taught you to not like of yourself
  • A support center where like-minded people go to be reminded of why they are just as deserving as the next girl to have the things she wants
  • A place where you can go to GIVE support to people like you who are struggling to see their own magic 

What this group is not: 
This is not a place for personal psychotherapy, but only because it can’t be. This is the internet, not an in-person appointment, so I’ll have to treat it as such. 

That does not mean, however, that you won’t learn to step into your own power and let go of shame. Because you absolutely will. 

Join us in the Shatter Your Shame Group and watch your: 

  • Income increase because you no longer settle for what others think you should have. 
  • Self-esteem skyrocket and fuel the changes in other impactful areas of your life, like love and romance, professionalism, and family connections. 
  • Confidence become your best friend so that you know how to handle words that are carelessly thrown at you, never to take them on as shame again. 

The life you want is the life you deserve. And I’m here to make sure you know you can have it. 

Join us today. 

Wow. Where to begin? I never realized how much of the feelings I was holding onto were actually shame based. Now that I am able to recognize shame, I can begin to pull it out, look at it, analyze it and heal it. It has made me a stronger person emotionally and I am better able to handle how I react to people once I see the underlying shame behaviors we all seem to possess.
Not only did this workshop help me recognize when others were shaming me, but it taught me to recognize when I was shaming others. This was HUGE for me in that I now treat my husband, friends and clients in a totally different way. For anyone who is considering become a coach or a healer, this will make you a BETTER leader in your business and a better person in your life.
— Angie Whitsel,
Refund Policy: Due to the live nature of this group coaching program, all payments are non-refundable and not prorated. You are also not locked into a contract and are free to cancel your recurring access anytime. Please get in touch with my team or simply log into your Paypal and cancel the subscription.