Shame and inadequacy have ZERO chance against you and I

In Bloomington, IL and want to come sit with me face-to-face? I’d love to have you!

Issues you can seek help on in my office:

Depression, anxiety, fear, worry, guilt, shame, grief, low self esteem, trauma issues, family of origin issues, addiction, and alcoholism.

Because being trapped by your addictions, shame, or trauma needs that in-person push to escape them sooner rather than later.

**We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Alliance, and Humana. And my in-person rate is $200/per hour.

Let’s talk, face-to-face. {Shane can we add a link to my automatic scheduler here?}

Other ways we can work together online:

Pieces of You

Not seeing the point in applying for the job you want or denying that you’re in a relationship that makes you feel low and sad, all stem from self-esteem and worthiness issues that you and I can correct. Do not continue to suffer relationships, situations, occupations, and more when you should be living with ones which support you.

  • 6 fifty minute calls via zoom (which you get to keep forever afterwards)
  • Unlimited email response for 9 weeks (three weeks post calls to make sure you are able to apply the information)
  • Weekly Oracle Card Drawing
  • Link to all previously recorded meditations
  • Three EFT scripts

No more shame. No more hiding.

Let’s put the pieces of you where they should be.

Investment: $1200


Uncover and correct the REAL problems you’ve had with coaching in the past. You and I dig deep into your psyche to find out what we need to alter in your thinking and we lay a plan to undo the wiring that has kept you stuck, no matter how much coaching you’ve had.

  • Two and a half hours of calls via Zoom
  • Unlimited email response for 9 weeks (three weeks post calls to make sure you are able to apply the information)
  • Weekly Oracle Card Drawing
  • Link to all previously recorded meditations
  • Three EFT scripts

Intense sessions. Unbridled results.

Investment: $600


Things just don’t fit right anymore. Your career, your spouse, even your clothes. There’s a deep longing for change tugging at you. Whether you’ve been able to put your finger on it or not, you and I will be able to pinpoint it and pull it out of you. 

Say good-bye to your struggles with self-esteem, your self-love issues, body shame, feeling inadequate, feeling like you’re not worthy to have the life and things you want most.

  • A personalized affirmation list
  • 9 50-min calls via Zoom
  • 9 Oracle card readings to ensure that energetically your goals are aligned
  • Access to all meditations and self hypnosis recordings
  • 10 EFT phrases to tap out
  • Access to all subliminal recordings
  • Unlimited email access for 11 weeks (two weeks post working together to make sure that you are navigating the changes effortlessly)

Change hurts. But you don’t have to grow through it alone.

Investment: $1700

Working with Jenn was the best decision ever! She fully assessed what was going on in my life, provided me with the coaching, the tools, and emotional support I needed at a very difficult time. I benefited in so many ways emotionally and socially. My self-esteem improved dramatically, my family relationships feel more secure, plus I feel more stable in general. I definitely would recommend scheduling an appointment with Jenn if you struggle with emotional difficulties, self-esteem issues, grief, or relationship issues. She is a wonderful professional life coach as well as a genuinely caring human being. I loved working with her and am very grateful for the life changing benefits I’ve experienced as a result!

This is what every adolescent and adult should be taught! Thank you for your dedication and passion.  ~ED

I began working with Jenn in person prior to moving away.  I can honestly tell you that she is just as phenomenal online as she is in person.  ~LD


Intensifying Sessions:

Intensifying Session

You’ve done so much hard work… You’ve changed the way you respond to stimuli, you’ve changed your internal dialogue.  

You’ve done all of the hard work necessary to achieve your goals.

And yet,

They are lacking.

You don’t necessarily have that confidence level your wish for. When you close your eyes and look at your body you can only she shimmering glimpses of where love used to be in your physical body.

Welcome to the Intensifying Session!

For two and half hours you and I will get together via Zoom and you will walk away with a solid and workable plan to make your goals come to life!

Here’s the investment: $600

You will walk away with:

  • A solid written plan to achieve peace, health, and happiness
  • At least 5 different phrases to use EFT to tap out
  • A very insightful oracle card reading
  • Unlimited email access for 14 days after the completion of our intensifying session to assure that you are able to put what we talk about into practice
  • Access to all previously recorded hypnosis and meditations