The prize is always just out of reach.

Coaches, programs, diets, nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc have left you short of your goals. But if we got really honest for a moment, we would understand that you have done more to accomplish your goals than most people do in their lifetime.

And yet, the prize feels like it’s always just out of reach.

If they tell you to do one more meditation, one more mindset trick, or 30-day journal session...well, it won’t be pretty. You long for more, you crave more, you are exhausted from all the work, dedication, mindset alignment, etc. that you have done towards your goal.

Before you begin to doubt yourself, your ability, your worth, or even your desires, block out that voice inside you that tells you you need to settle for less.

That “little” voice feels so much bigger than you. And it stems from Shame.

Shame is what separates you from your goals, dreams, and desires by showing you where you are “not as good” as those who have the things you want, the successful business and the oh-so happy life.

You are not alone.

I have been where you are right now..

When I graduated with my Masters degree in Social Work, I thought my life would just magically fall into place. And yet, 3 months later I had a massive suicide attempt. It was that wake up call that made me realize that I had fallen prey to Shame.

I had graduated because of my ability to help others, but it was now clear that I had work that needed to be done on myself.

That’s when Shame Resilience was born. Magic and love now flowed into the areas of my life I had once tried to forget. I had UNLOCKED my own power.

It is now time to UNLOCK yours.

What does UNLOCKED do:

  • Release shame and the proponents that send you hiding from your life so that you can finally unlock who you truly are
  • Open the door to release the symptoms blocking you from accepting true love of yourself
Jenn bovee, this woman, I truly will never forget her. Life changing. Powerful! One of the best mindset coaches out there. Brilliant. The deep stuff I go to her for. The deeeeepest darkest depths of my pain has and is healing with her bc of her. She’s someone you go to for healing in areas you never thought you could heal. She’s the person who reveals that you haven’t been crazy your entire life. You’re actually quite normal and rather, brilliant. She’s the tough love, respectful, checks up on you. And she reminds me of one of my old best friends but she’s not toxic...lol. thank you Jenn. Thank you for being that container for me and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me. I know eventually I will be teaching things to my followers and clients you have given to me and I am eternally grateful.
— Molly Sapp, Mindset Strategist, www.MollySapp.com

How does UNLOCKED work:

We will spend Four sessions together (50 minutes each) which will allow us to identify and develop a plan to allow you to achieve your goals.

Throughout our work together you’ll also receive one Oracle card reading, one personalized EFT script, and the link to my SoundCloud account where you can download all previous meditation and subliminal content that you feel align with you.

You’re under Shame’s spell. But once you walk in my Virtual Office, you’ll learn how to accept so much more than less than what you long for.

With a 20-year track record of success in my in-person psychotherapy practice and my certifications in Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling, you’ll find yourself in very capable hands.

I’m your partner in this battle to UNLOCK the shackles that block you from living the life of your wildest fantasies. And I am willing to invest in you and teach you how to find the key and place it in the lock.

Time to get UNLOCKED so everything you want comes flowing in.

When Jenn first broached the subject of shame, I was dubious. However, the more I learn about shame, the more I understand myself and the feelings I have towards myself and others. She has changed my life in a major way for the better!
— Tina Gilbert