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Meditation, mindfulness, medication, talk therapy, time in nature, and just about every other intervention that people have suggested, Has Done CLose to Zilch for you.

Chanting, diets, biofeedback, or anything else that you’ve gotten your hands on has not even nudged you in the direction of forward.

The desperation that burns beneath the surface of your being is slowly killing you. And it’s not for lack of trying or integrating these philosophies on your part!

Coaches, therapists, healers, and mystics haven’t been able to help you be okay. And that’s all you want...just to feel and be okay.

Dreams of what it would be like NOT to be plagued with crippling nervousness or paralyzing despondency dance in your head. And you long to be able to get out of bed everyday and just accomplish your tasks on your to do list.

You are a survivor at minimum.

What you have endured has surpassed all of the limits that society and people have placed on you and yet you still don’t feel like it’s enough. So often thoughts of, “will I ever be enough” traipse through your nightmares...even though no one can ever accuse you of not working hard enough or not doing enough.  

 You are not alone. And it’s not your fault that you are not where you thought you should be.


The fact is you haven’t found what works FOR YOU.

13 million Americans suffer with PTSD.

16.2 million suffer with high-functioning depression (meaning you still get shit done, while you loathe your existence or circumstances)

And a whopping 40 million adults struggle with anxiety.

While you may not be able to eradicate or eliminate life long mental health concerns... you CAN step into a new way of coping!  A way of coping that literally UNSHACKLES you from those concerns long enough to find freedom and fulfillment in your life.

Because in the past, what you were given didn’t transform your subconscious mind programming. It slowed your progress by not impacting your actual habits and behaviors.

That’s not what you needed.

What you need, as a survivor, is to change your subconscious mind programming to help be able to:

  1. Create effective coping skills for you so that no matter what creeps up, your mind recognizes it for what it is and helps you find ways to handle it that SUPPORT your goals

  2. Create the habit change you need and long for because the root of the cause was never actually addressed

  3. Program your mind for success with proven techniques that reach below the surface and help REINFORCE YOUR GOALS...and I’m not talking about journaling.

The deal is that many coaches are not equipped with the tools to help you do those things because they have simply not been immersed in the study of the mind. Sure, they took some classes from someone who decided their method was good enough to be licensed.

And that’s okay. For some.

It’s not, for you.



You’re looking for a deeper solutions than  affirmations and journaling.

You’re looking for something that is going to UNTETHER you from your high-functioning depression and anxiety. For something that will help you:

  1. Move beyond the horrible events you’ve survived from your past

  2. Show you how to catapult the motivation necessary to get up and show up every day

  3. Teach you how to be the best support person for you, beyond your wildest dreams

Arm yourself with tools so solid that no matter what life throws at you, you will handle it.


Finally feel massively empowered to operate from a place of balance and skill - as though whatever is happening at the time doesn’t phase you.

Imagine your mother-in-law never being able to push your buttons again.

Imagine having the ability to do the impossible, like handle the stress of running a business and working a 9-5.

Imagine never feeling like you just CAN’T ever again.

What would your life feel like when you are THAT in control of your emotions, of your well-being, of your ability to wake up and LOVE how you feel on any and every given day?

When you are Untethered, you:

Give yourself a gift that creates balance and confidence in yourself and what you do

Deepen your relationship with yourself and others because you no longer operate from a sense of pain, longing, not feeling like you are enough

Are able to actually ACKNOWLEDGE your own value and what you do

Create a platform for true meaning that gives you a NEED to really EXPERIENCE your life again

You CAN have:

A relationship that brings out the best in you

A career or a business that fills you up whenever you work in or on it

The power to rein over your life and your emotions

I’m Jenn Bovee. Welcome to the Untethered program! I’m a successful psychotherapist, a group psychotherapy practice owner, an author, a life coach, a clinical hypnotherapist. And I hold certifications in grief recovery, substance use, and EFT (tapping). I have thoroughly studied the subconscious mind, as well as trauma.

So I GET you.

Untethered is a six month program that is for you if you know what your issues are and you are willing to do the work to change your life with me by your side.

Payment plans available for your convenience.

Click here to get in touch.

 “Jenn is a compassionate, understanding, and extremely well qualified coach. 

She allows you to just experience and process your feelings, and is your advocate in your corner. 

She listens completely and patiently, and truly cares about the well being of her patients. She helps me find my truth amidst all the noise out there, and helps me get grounded, and find a path and plan to wellness. 

She’s just the best, and I feel so lucky to have stumbled across her path. She knows her stuff, she knows people, and I feel safe telling her what’s in my heart so I can feel better.”



It includes:

  • Goals, Guidelines, and Barriers Packet, which includes my exclusive proven process to help you identify your goals, dreams, desires limits and patterns that get in the way of you being able to manage your mental and physical health, organize your energy in a way that works for you, and show up in the world without shame or hiding.

  • One 90 minute Who Are You and Where Are You Going Session. In this session we spend 90 minutes together reviewing the goals you’ve been trying so desperately to reach, and identifying the barriers that consistently stand in the way of you accomplishing them successfully. We will also identify both the positive and less than helpful coping skills that you typically use because these are THE key factors in being able to navigate whatever situation you are in or are experiencing. They will be how you make it to your goals when life doesn’t want you to.

  • 10 - 1:1 Calls  - scheduled bi-weekly via phone or Skype. This is where the program really becomes all about YOU and what and where YOU want to achieve in your life.  We will make sure that you have the reinforcements you need to call in those coping skills, address new patterns that continuously reveal themselves, help you manage life with others as you begin your transformation, and more.

  • Email Support during business hours. I will respond to all emails within 24 business hours to help you when you are in the thick of it and really need support because this is where the game gets tough and many quit.

  • One Personalized Hypnosis Recording: Specifically designed with your big long term goal in mind that will help you keep your goals and tools front and center in your mind.

  • A video recorded EFT session personalized to your goals and desires.

  • Resources and Coping Skills as needed along your journey.

  • Copy of How To Learn To Love Yourself to help you learn to do THE thing that feels most impossible to you, right now.





The Goals, Guidelines, and Barriers Process

 This exclusive approach as a long-time professional in this industry that allows us to identify miscalculated goals (you know the goals that really don’t fit with who you are RIGHT NOW or who you want to become through this would be surprised to see how often people set the wrong goals!). 

Not only will we uncover the discrepancies in your goals, but we’ll be able to establish the REAL goals that light you up, set you on fire, and motivate you beyond Day 3, the magic day where everyone seems to lose interest. 

We’ll also shatter the barriers that have kept you from reaching your money, relationship, or health goals. Whatever you’ve been working to get through? Will now be literal TOAST with this portion of the triple-step process that leads you from the road to frustration to the road of ease.

The Who Are You and Where Are You Going Phase

This is where our work together puts the tools you’ve been missing in your arsenal so that when you are confronted by angry colleagues, the first thing you feel is the gut reaction to reach for your new coping mechanisms...ones that help you maintain your boundaries, while not engaging with toxic people, showing yourself deep love as you move forward in the direction of your goals.

If, until now, you’ve not been able to:

Reach your income or career goals after months or even years of trying and know that you just need the push you have been avoiding and to take action

Create a balance in your relationship with your spouse or other family members that you’ve worked so hard to find that place with

Deal with your health issues in ways that allow you to live and feel free again

Release yourself from your high-functioning depression or anxiety that have plagued you for too long

And more

Then, it’s time to dig into the real wiring of your brain.

Because that’s what this amounts to: Digging in, understanding you, undoing the wiring that is not producing the results you want and rewire them to make achievements EASIER.

So, if you find yourself hitting the same walls over and over, that’s your clue that this is what you need.

Financial investment $5,000.00
Payment plans are available for your convenience.

Jenn Bovee, Founder of the Illinois Mental Wellness Center and women's guide to a life untethered, helps unlock power women who are trapped by the chains of shame and trauma.